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There’s no love, and there’s no hip hop, but there is Love and Hip Hop New York season 3 somehow!

Joe Budden and his new chick Kaylin, along with  Tahiry, Yandy Smith, Erica Mena and Rich, Olivia, Raqi Thunda, and fuckin’ Consequence come together for 10 pounds of shit, stuffed into a 5 pound bag, and squeezed into one hour on VH1!

Today or yesterday(who cares to verify this shit), these ratchet fucks got together in front of the ratchet blogosphere and media to talk a bunch of shit ahead of the shows premier, this Monday, January 7th, at 8pm.

Sorry, I don’t care to break this shit down and do my usual one, two.  I’m about to get fresh so I can get out and get pissy and kushed up.  I’ll let you, the SLATAH mob, enjoy this hot ghetto mess and draw your own conclusions.  But I WILL absolutely be watching the show!

I will say I was surprised how normal this dysfunctional group made Joe Budden and Kaylin appear.  Joe been spazzin’ on the web for years, but he sames to be sane in comparison to these fools.

I must also say, to Yandy Smith, NO ONE GIVES A FUCK!

This hoebag started out cool, but she’s on that ‘ole big headed rapper shit now.  If you aren’t cursing and slapping fire out that funny face, mumbling ass nigga with you, we don’t care to see it.

But yeah, I’m out.


All hail the mufuggin KANG! T.I.‘s latest, between jail stints, release Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, debuts at #2 behind Taylor Swift’s Red on Billboard this week, moving an impressive 180K. Who the fuck is buying all these Taylor Swift albums?

Back on topic. Chief Keef, who burst onto the scene this year in a blaze of nigga shit reminiscent to a real-life Boondocks parody, also released an album that day. Hip hop is nothing if not competitive, so his comrade, fellow GBE affiliate Lil Durk, took to Twitter to throw down the gauntlet:


Not only did Keef’s debut album, which moved 50K, fall unbelievably short of outselling Tip’s latest offering, the rap rookie failed to match the numbers of his Interscope labelmates, Eminem‘s pet project Slaughterhouse– the 30-plus group of rappers who gave us such unfortunate songs as Frat Party and Throw it Away.

Even worse? Strong rumors have floated around for the past week, though nothing has been confirmed, that Interscope has decided to pull the plug on Keef’s scheduled national tour to promote the album. Damn homey. Let’s not forget however, about that $10K Lil Durk wagered on his man! I’d like to hereby declare myself the default collector of those 10 stacks- if none of you other niggas is gonna pull his card for ass betting!

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