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Remember Rob Parker and that cornball brother slick shit he said about Robert Griffin? Well you may not- and ESPN wants to keep it that way!

According to reports, the worldwide leader in sports fired that ass as soon as his 30-day suspension was up!

Rob, rob, rob….damn, tough break nigga! But that’s how it is when you speak that brotherman shit, spend all your time at a barbershop, and NEVER have no fucking shapeup!

Check out the comments that brought that guillotine down on this nigga’s neck:

Son, what were you thinking? And them niggas you thought you were riding for? Not only are they laughing at you, but they were also riding with RG3 to begin with fool! Shit, who cares if he’s republican? That nigga can run like a prime Mike Vick AND complete 70% of his passes! You know how many jokers out there are now using the Redskins in their Madden ’13 Franchise mode?

But really, what was the point? Parker kinda rambled and threw out some shots but he never formed any true argument. Was he race baiting, or just trying to make headlines? Was ESPN aware he was about to say that leftfield shit?

He says so, but it doesn’t matter now my g! You played yourself! You clearly had no real thought behind what you said because the argument was all over the fucking place…THEN YOU APOLOGIZED! Even Stephen A. Smith was embarrassed!

Good luck bouncing back though. And if shit ain’t bubbling out there, SLATAH is looking for a sports writer! Clean up that hairline before you apply and you’re good here.

Almost immediately following a hefty dose (no pun intended) of that ass whoopin from the New York Giants, 42-7, the Eagles wasted no time in telling Andy Reid to kick rocks.

Reid, who’d been the NFL‘s longest tenured coach spending 14 seasons in Philly, was reportedly let go after a turbulent 2012.  He rebuilt, then destroyed Michael Vick and flatly refuse to let his all-world running back, Lesean McCoy, get his dirty hands the ball too much.

3rd and 1?  Better air it out.

4th and goal?  Let’s bring in four wide receivers.

Playing the worst run-defense in the NFL today?  We’ll trick them by throwing the ball 45 times!

Reid also endured personal tragedy, when his thugged out sons got cased up and did prison bids before one of them passed away earlier this year.

Things weren’t always bad though.  Dude went to the playoffs damn near every year and hit the Super Bowl once, on the strength of Terrell muh’fuckin Owens.  The Patriots outlasted them when Donovan McNabb had an on-field anxiety attack or some similar bitch-made episode.

It’s been an up-and-down run, but how appropriate is it that it was the Giants who gave ’em that work and, in the end, sent Reid on his way?