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Man, I love ass as much as the next man but this is just too fuckin’ much!

Pebblez da Model just caught a body..literally!  Her and some associate apparently, or should I say allegedly, injected some cement or some other wild shit into another woman’s ass-  and the woman fucking DIED!

Why do ratchet hoes everywhere continue with this wack ‘ass shot’ movement?  This shit is NO BUENO, unless done perfectly(hey Nicki Minaj!).

Have you seen some of these abominations?

Man, you can miss me with that shit- but I am interested in seeing what it looks like when a bitch is 55-years old though!

Check out the story on Pebblez:

Courtesy of Bossip

Welp, she’s probably done for.  So enjoy this fix she left behind!  I reiterate- that over-the-top ass is wack to me, but I know some you savages enjoy that nasty shit so here’s your Pebblez tribute!