How about these bum ass New York Jets?  Wow what a shitty, shitty existence they’ve had- with a few exceptions- but what a particularly shitty season.

The good news?  It’s almost over!  Just 60 more minutes of this fuckery and Tony Sparano can go, Tim Tebow can kick rocks, Mark Sanchez can hide his face, and Darrelle Revis can reassess where his life is headed.

Coach Rex Ryan?  Welp, dude has practically asked to be fired.

He’s since sorta, kinda recanted, but keep it real with YOURSELF Rex.  Who would want to coach this team, or even be seen around it if they didn’t have to be?  Mike Tannenbaum is a walking L, Woody Johnson doesn’t give a shit about anything football-related, and Joe Namath, the drunk uncle the organization can’t seem to get rid of, has been talking more reckless with each passing day.

What’s the over/under on how many Saturday night calls have been placed to the Jets to send someone to pull Uncle Joe out of a urinal at some shithole bar in New Jersey the last 5 years?

So, in a respectable show of mercy to the fans, and to the organization, NFL schedule makers have decided it is time for the Jets to save as much face as they can and conclude this extraordinary 2012 campaign.  You know, stop playing right around playoff time.

Now, if only the New York football Giants and the league can find some sort of out clause to evict the Jets from MetLife Stadium, maybe they can conclude their run as a franchise!

-Your thoughts here-

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