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50 Cent conqueror, and Maybach Music boss, Rick Ross, was in full stunt-mode in this classic interview!

If you haven’t seen this shit, you’re missing out. Ross makes this scary ass interviewer piss his pants, says he made up his name before he ever heard of Freeway Ricky Ross (a real drug-dealer), and just plays up his persona so extra!

Bawse bitches!


Joe Budden, ex-girlfriend Tahiry, and ex-friend Raqi Thunda all stopped by New York’s Hot 97 to talk whose thumb was in whose ass, love and hip hop, naturally booty, being banned from Knicks games, poppin’ mollies, showering with friends, dick pics, ass pics, Fabolous, and much more!
The trio, at different times, stopped by the once popular morning show to kick it with Ebro(who’s now an on-air personality apparently), Cipha Soundz, K. Fox(then no K.Fox), some hoe I’ve never seen, and no Peter Rosenberg to be found. Seriously, what the fuck is goin’ on over there?

Check out the videos:


I’ma keep it G my ninjas, I didn’t really thoroughly examine this joint just yet. I’m still on that Love & Hip Hop NY shit with Tahiry fine ass!

What I do know is this ninja Tip snapped on this one! Jeezy and 2 Chainz did numbers, but post-probation T.I. been shittin’!

Check it out:


After what seemed like a year, Cassidy has finally responded to Meek Mill!

The shit was cool, but for as long as this nigga waited I was expecting some fucking Ether!

This falls well short, to keep it funky.

First problem- besides the wait- THE SHIT IS TOO LONG! Don’t get it twisted, I’m all for bars but a 10 minute diss track is probably gonna have some filler bars and weak punchlines thrown in it. This was no exception.

This fool really took it to the 3rd grade playground with you got a small brain/ but ya head stupid big.

Second problem goes back to the first- THE SHIT IS JUST TOO FUCKING LONG! If you’re trying to get personal on a diss, it’s not likely you can go 10 whole minutes without repeating a bunch of shit that doesn’t really hit. This was no exception.

Half of the song is about Meek’s dusty ass braids, and Meek asking Cass for advice when he was coming up. Funny shit for a few bars yes, but not personal enough to really stretch.

Lastly, where’s the response to Ar-Ab my g?! Meek’s Repo shit was okay but that Ar interview bodied, abused, and exposed Cass!  We’re happy you finally responded to Meek and all that, but naaaaaaaaaaaaah dogs!  The streets absolutely will NOT let you ignore that Ar-Ab situation!

Overall, I have to say I’m underwhelmed. The raps are straight, but because of the wait, the pressure, and the rep, I was expecting more from Cass.  Much more.

As far as songs go, head up, Raid is only a little tougher than Repo. Add in the Ar- Ab interview and Cass is still down about 12 and the clock’s ticking!  Get busy nigga.  Buy an beat and talk to someone who’s going to be honest with you about the position you’re in right now too, cuz you’re looking CRAZY!

There’s no love, and there’s no hip hop, but there is Love and Hip Hop New York season 3 somehow!

Joe Budden and his new chick Kaylin, along with  Tahiry, Yandy Smith, Erica Mena and Rich, Olivia, Raqi Thunda, and fuckin’ Consequence come together for 10 pounds of shit, stuffed into a 5 pound bag, and squeezed into one hour on VH1!

Today or yesterday(who cares to verify this shit), these ratchet fucks got together in front of the ratchet blogosphere and media to talk a bunch of shit ahead of the shows premier, this Monday, January 7th, at 8pm.

Sorry, I don’t care to break this shit down and do my usual one, two.  I’m about to get fresh so I can get out and get pissy and kushed up.  I’ll let you, the SLATAH mob, enjoy this hot ghetto mess and draw your own conclusions.  But I WILL absolutely be watching the show!

I will say I was surprised how normal this dysfunctional group made Joe Budden and Kaylin appear.  Joe been spazzin’ on the web for years, but he sames to be sane in comparison to these fools.

I must also say, to Yandy Smith, NO ONE GIVES A FUCK!

This hoebag started out cool, but she’s on that ‘ole big headed rapper shit now.  If you aren’t cursing and slapping fire out that funny face, mumbling ass nigga with you, we don’t care to see it.

But yeah, I’m out.

After more than a week, and a warning of things to come via his Twitter which juiced everyone up:

photo (4)


Cassidy Da Hustla has finally responded!  With a lame ass interview demanding an apology though.

Cass wants Meek Mill to acknowledge that he helped him get on, some of the things he said on Repo weren’t true, and he won’t make a song with Meek unless he gets an authentic apology from the Rick Ross protege.


He also reiterated  that the beef isn’t personal, told us again how the beef wasn’t at all his fault and he’s being picked on, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, never said a damn word about Ar-Ab or the crushing interview he dropped the other day!

Cass, you’re looking crazy out here.  You’ve hung on because of your bars fam, so where are they?  You need them shits more than ever ock, like do or die at this point.

We don’t want to hear anymore of your long ass, rambling interviews.  We get it- you’re smart and well-spoken and you weren’t looking for beef.  Fuck all that though Cass, these ninjas pullin your card!  We want to see some ignorant street shit, but some reckless bars will absolutely suffice!

What happened to that Ether type diss you were talking about on the Breakfast Club in NYC last month?

We’re losing faith Cass.  We saw Gillie pull your card, we saw your emotional breakdown on Twitter last year, your young’n is now pulling your card, and Ar just aired you out.

Your livelihood is down 8 in the 4th quarter with 2 minutes left my g.  You’ve even let Ar get more publicity out of this situation than you!  If we don’t get something in the next 48 hours, just save it.  You backed yourself down to the point where, if it AIN’T Ether, we don’t want to hear that shit- or you.  Ain’t no love in the heart of the city my ninj!


Bang bang OBH gang niggas!  The hottest street ninja in the game, Ar-Ab, does it all!  The homey’s sippin that syzurp, throwing punches with a colostomy bag attached to his stomach, poppin pills, downing bags of chips, and freestyling- alongside Cassidy!

If you aren’t up on Ar, it’s about time to get familiar.  He was down with Cassidy and that Larsiny family in Philly some time back, but the crew fell out.

Well apparently anyway, since he says he’s not with Larsiny and spent an hour shitting on Cass the other day….but he says they’re still cool?

Ar has reemerged in the midst of the Meek Mill/Cassidy beef, to drop the most meaningful lines on the situation yet.  Check it out here:

His interview went even harder than Meek’s Repo track, and Cassidy has yet to respond to either man.  In fact, this nigga Ar has, inexplicably, managed to get the most buzz going off the entire Meek/Cass situation!

We went from waiting for Cassidy’s reply, to looking forward to Ar’s next project, songs, and interviews!  Check out his latest, featuring Swizz Beatz who Cass can’t seem to get in contact with.  The irony is hilarious!