Posted: January 6, 2013 in ENTERTAINMENT, MUSIC
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After what seemed like a year, Cassidy has finally responded to Meek Mill!

The shit was cool, but for as long as this nigga waited I was expecting some fucking Ether!

This falls well short, to keep it funky.

First problem- besides the wait- THE SHIT IS TOO LONG! Don’t get it twisted, I’m all for bars but a 10 minute diss track is probably gonna have some filler bars and weak punchlines thrown in it. This was no exception.

This fool really took it to the 3rd grade playground with you got a small brain/ but ya head stupid big.

Second problem goes back to the first- THE SHIT IS JUST TOO FUCKING LONG! If you’re trying to get personal on a diss, it’s not likely you can go 10 whole minutes without repeating a bunch of shit that doesn’t really hit. This was no exception.

Half of the song is about Meek’s dusty ass braids, and Meek asking Cass for advice when he was coming up. Funny shit for a few bars yes, but not personal enough to really stretch.

Lastly, where’s the response to Ar-Ab my g?! Meek’s Repo shit was okay but that Ar interview bodied, abused, and exposed Cass!  We’re happy you finally responded to Meek and all that, but naaaaaaaaaaaaah dogs!  The streets absolutely will NOT let you ignore that Ar-Ab situation!

Overall, I have to say I’m underwhelmed. The raps are straight, but because of the wait, the pressure, and the rep, I was expecting more from Cass.  Much more.

As far as songs go, head up, Raid is only a little tougher than Repo. Add in the Ar- Ab interview and Cass is still down about 12 and the clock’s ticking!  Get busy nigga.  Buy an beat and talk to someone who’s going to be honest with you about the position you’re in right now too, cuz you’re looking CRAZY!

  1. MMGauge says:

    I fucks with Meek heavy but cass bodied him for 10mins.

    • lebranjames says:

      Man hell nahhhh!!!

      Song is harder than Repo but this shit ain’t no Ether. This watered down, u can’t wait two weeks n NOT come perfect.

      Dude said Meek got a big head n little brain n dirty cornrows. Come on B!

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