Posted: January 4, 2013 in ENTERTAINMENT, SPORTS
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Any major story here?  No.  Any new videos for the world to see?  No again.  Just some more funny Metta World Peace being Ron Artest shit!

If you caught last nights Lakers-Clippers game, there was a moment where Peace/Artest mushed Chris Paul by the head running after a loose ball, and another moment where, after tip-off, he mugged Caron Butler and ran him out of bounds.

Ahhhhh man, we must salute this absolute savage of a basketball player, the only man the first man(along with Stephen Jackson) to ever run up in the stands in Detroit and whoop ass!

The older he’s gotten and the more he’s lost from his game, the more deranged and physical he’s become and it’s been a treasure to watch.  So we here at SLATAH wanted to do something special.

Check out this hilarious Ron Artest tribute:

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