Posted: January 3, 2013 in ENTERTAINMENT, MUSIC
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Bang bang OBH gang niggas!  The hottest street ninja in the game, Ar-Ab, does it all!  The homey’s sippin that syzurp, throwing punches with a colostomy bag attached to his stomach, poppin pills, downing bags of chips, and freestyling- alongside Cassidy!

If you aren’t up on Ar, it’s about time to get familiar.  He was down with Cassidy and that Larsiny family in Philly some time back, but the crew fell out.

Well apparently anyway, since he says he’s not with Larsiny and spent an hour shitting on Cass the other day….but he says they’re still cool?

Ar has reemerged in the midst of the Meek Mill/Cassidy beef, to drop the most meaningful lines on the situation yet.  Check it out here:

His interview went even harder than Meek’s Repo track, and Cassidy has yet to respond to either man.  In fact, this nigga Ar has, inexplicably, managed to get the most buzz going off the entire Meek/Cass situation!

We went from waiting for Cassidy’s reply, to looking forward to Ar’s next project, songs, and interviews!  Check out his latest, featuring Swizz Beatz who Cass can’t seem to get in contact with.  The irony is hilarious!

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