Posted: December 30, 2012 in ENTERTAINMENT
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Hip hop’s perennial underdog, and pin cushion, Joe Budden has pushed back the release date of his latest album No Love Lost.

The album is his first solo project since releasing Welcome to Our House on Shady records, as part of a group consisting of himself, Royce Da 5’9 and two other guys who offer moral support and filler bars.  It had been scheduled to be released on January 22.  It will now be in stores on February 5…he says.

Not much of a difference.  My guess is this pushback was necessary because..well, what’s a Joe Budden project without some sort of pushback or controversy?

Or maybe, and we can only hope, this pushback is to give him time to replace that doo doo ass, amateurish album cover the disc currently sits under.

We get the time and through the years type concept Joe, but that shit is trash if we may speak freely my g.  That aint “it” fam.


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