Posted: December 29, 2012 in ENTERTAINMENT
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Daaaaaaamn homey! In jail you was the maaaaaaaaaan homey!

Rapper Shyne had a few jams back in the day, but he wasn’t ever quite at the pinnacle of the music industry. Then, for reasons that will never be understood, his stock shot through the roof after he shot an innocent woman at a nightclub and spent nearly a decade in jail.

While incarcerated, the “legend” of Shyne was propagated amongst the ignorant- to the point where perception trumped reality and ‘Po was seen as some sort of mob figure. The reality is he was another nigga in jail for some dumb shit, but this is beside the point.

All the buzz Shyne garnered sitting behind that G-Wall crashed and burned in a matter of months when he released his first song, post prison. He sounded like some sort of wounded muppet baby sippin on lean. He’s called himself “garbage” and we won’t disagree!

Short story shorter, Shyne overreached himself for attention by calling Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, Mad City album “trash,” got checked by Game for it, latched onto the beef and ran with it, producing a horrible freestyle and, eventually, diss track (Bury Judas) going at the Compton rapper.

Out of this feud, Shyne took L after L, including a cringeworthy interview with the Power 105’s Breakfast Club in which he boasted of his street credibility, supposed mobster status, made a few dry threats, and pleaded with President Barack Obama to allow him back into the United States to help the children. Yes, this all happened in the same interview(YouTube it fool).

This latest interview takes the cake. Sitting on a couch in front of a brick wall somewhere in Europe, looking every bit as washed up as he sounds, Shyne compared his wack ass diss song to such Hip Hop classics as Ether and Takeover. And, apparently, he’s dead serious.

There’s nothing sadder than a man, a rapper, basking in an air of failure, mediocrity, lead and paint chips, continue to display his broken and confused soul, probably praying for someone to throw him a life raft and rescue him from his situation.

Sorry fam, but we just can’t do it anymore. I do have some advice though. You are surely going to drown- you might as well take someone with you. Just not anyone here that we still enjoy listening to. Game’s last album was cool, so fall back on him. Why not shoot it out with Bow Wow? There will be sacrifices to be made on both sides for you to get your respect back and Bow Wow makes the most sense.

Or hell, why not go back to jail? You don’t have to do another 10 years, just long enough for us all to know you’re gone, get the street team juiced up and let the “legend” regenerate. Then, when you come back, think of everything you did when you got out of prison the first time and DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

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